About Me

I am a freelance writer with experience in working with many different types of clients in many different industries. I have done work creating content for a diverse set of clients in industries including non-profits, manufacturing, musicians, game developers, and real estate. I have experience in writing articles and blog posts on many different topics, as well as in creating compelling copy for websites, social media posts, email blasts, newsletters, brochures, and advertisements. I have written articles on numerous different topics including business, marketing, social issues, pet care, education, and more.

I also write science fiction and fantasy and have self-published several books in the eBook format under the pen name Jen NĂ½. My fantasy stories tend to blend some aspect of folklore with fantasy themes. I am very interested in Celtic folklore and uses it as inspiration in my fantasy writing. My science fiction stories range from stories about space travel and alien civilizations to dystopian settings. I also writes some poetry, which usually incorporates fantasy and science fiction themes.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English and an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Games and Simulation Design.